Hotel Booking Tips

No matter where you plan to go for your holiday, you’ll be booking a hotel, motel or, heavens forbid, a cabin that doesn’t have electricity. Nobody hates to save money, so why not follow these budget-friendly tips when securing a room for your trip.

1. Book as early as you can. Like, as soon as you know that you’re leaving for holiday. Before that, if at all possible.

2. Ask about special offers like promotional discounts during off seasons or free upgrades.

3. Package deals are often the best way to go. By bundling airfare, room rates and even tickets to area attractions together, you’ll end up paying less than you would if you purchased everything singularly.

4. If you can get the time off from work, take a holiday in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. If you can’t get off of work, you may just have to come down with a horrible cold on Tuesday morning.

Backpacking through Germany

When planning a backpacking trip through Germany, there are several things I should do before stepping foot into Deutschland. First, it might be helpful to actually plan a route through a country that is 137,800 square miles! Now – how am I going to get around? Fortunately, hitchhiking in Germany is completely legal except on the Autobahn. I have no problem with this as standing/walking along a highway with BMWs and Mercedes traveling in excess of 200 mph is likely not the best idea for my longevity. Another option: I can purchase an Austria-Germany Rail Pass that is good for travel for up to two months (Rail Europe just throws in Austria as a weak attempt to get people to actually go there). Finally, I should make hostel reservations in advance to find the safest hostels in each city – or more importantly, those with the best parties.

Lavishness Within Reach at the Best Budget Hotel in Pampanga

Otel Pampanga sums up everything grand yet economical with its offer of upscale amenities and facilities at a price within one’s means. I was ecstatic upon setting food on the best budget hotel in Pampanga because my eyes couldn’t seem to afford what it was seeing. All the more have my jaws dropped in unuttered disbelief when the front desk associate confirmed that I was having a Garden Suite (it’s their most popular room) for only PhP1900!

The suite was pleasing to my eyes because it was squeaky clean and spacious. The pillows were fluffy soft while the sheets were fresh-smelling with hints of flowery and fruity scents. The bathroom was as it should be – sparkling and spotless. This is, of course, not yet considering the other sophistication such as the breathtaking swimming pool, the relaxing garden trees and flowers, and most importantly, a staff that knows no bounds in excellent customer service.

A Secret Garden Experience in the Best Budget Hotel in Pampanga

A city adventure has become less and less appealing by the year when the spectacle of building lights would mean work-related stress rather than sight-seeing fun. For a change, I decided to go back to my hometown to pick a place that would remind me of my metro home and yet with a touch of tranquillity that I’ve been longing for. Otel Pampanga was the perfect answer!

Apart from it being the best budget hotel in Pampanga, Otel offered the kind of peace my eyes have been craving to see while still getting that mood of contemporary design that Manila emanates. The combination of the morning sun, the freshest of flowers, and the greenest of trees met my mornings with so much freshness that the only thing I could’ve wanted to do was stay and never leave. This is the idea of the hotel’s Garden Rooms which, as I was told, were always the favourite of frequent guests.

With the kind of rejuvenating experience I encountered, I must say I couldn’t agree with them more!

First Time in New York

So this is your first time in New York, huh…

Don’t let us scare you. Yes, Times Square is loud and boisterous, even a bit seedy at times. That’s not a great reflection of our beloved Big Apple, though. And really, New Yorkers are friendly, for the most part. The trick is to not be intimated by us. We’re busy and constantly rushing, but don’t confuse “straightforward” for “nasty.” We’re really a warm bunch, I promise.

You’ll undoubtedly do all of the touristy things our city has to offer, but when you’re finished with your carriage ride in Central Park and your multiple falls on the rink at Rockefeller Center, venture off the beaten path and experience New York like a local. Hint: ask restaurant servers what they recommend. When you need to unwind from the hustle and bustle, take a trip an hour or so Upstate to the Hudson Valley, which is extra gorgeous during Autumn.